Abyssinian CatAbyssinian Cat

Abyssinian Cat

The Abyssinian Cat is one of the oldest cat known breeds, but it's true history has been surrounded by much speculation. The Abyssinian appears to resemble the paintings and sculptures of the ancient Egyptian cat, however there is no proof of this. Some believe the Aby was bought from Ethiopia, formerly Abyssinia, back to Great Britain in the 1860's. Others feel the origin of the Abyssinian breed to be at the coast of the Indian Ocean and parts of Southeast Asia. The first Abyssinian imported to North America from England arrived in the early 1900s. However, it was not until the late 1930s that several top quality Abys were exported from Britain to form the foundation of today's American breeding programs. In the 1950's, the Abyssinian began to gain popularity and today it is the most popular short hair breed.





Body : Medium in length and build, lithe, strong, and muscular. Rounded rib cage. Slightly arched back.

Paw : Long, straight, fine-boned. Small, oval, compact paws. The cat gives the impression of being on tiptoe.

Tail : Fairly long, thick at the base and tapering to the tip.

Head : Wedge shaped , with slightly rounded contours, without flat planes . Arched brow. The moderately long nose bridge must never be straight; no break. The profile lines of the head show a gentle contour. Jowls are allowed in mature males. . Muzzle not sharply pointed; no whisker pinch. Strong, well-developed, rounded chin, neither receding nor protruding.

Eyes : Large, almond-shaped, wide-set. Accentuated by a fine dark line of the base color and encircled by a light-colored area . Brilliant, expressive, of one intense color. Yellow (gold), green, and amber.

Neck : Rather long and gracefully arched.

Coat : Thick, dense, and resilient to the touch, lying close against the skin. Short in length or medium particularly along the spine. Ticking (two or three bands of alternating dark or light color on each hair shaft) similar to the coat of a rabbit. Ticking is not present on the throat, underside, or inside of legs.

Fault : Long (like that of a Siamese) or round head. Small or pointed ears. Round eyes. Overly massive body. Dull, fluffy coat.

Disqualify: White locket or white anywhere on the body, other than the nostrils, chin and throat.

Character : The Abbyssinian is a very active, extroverted, playful cat that is curious about its surroundings and has a well-balanced temperament. This cat has a strong, independent personality, but is social and affectionate. Very gentle and loving, the Aby requires considerable attention, despises solitude, and is devoted exclusively to its owner. The Aby is talkative, but its voice is very quiet. The exuberance seen in young kittens mellows with age. This athlete and hunter requires exercise, and therefore space. An enclosed yard is highly desirable. Grooming is simple. The Aby requires only weekly brushing and combing. When shedding, dead, loose hairs must be removed regularly. For a shiny coat, rub the coat with a chamois cloth. If the cat will tolerate it, bathe him with an appropriate shampoo two days prior to a show

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