American Shorthair CatAmerican Shorthair Cat

American Shorthair Cat

This American Shorthair Cat, he is European immigrant is an excellent hunter The American Shorthair's counterpart is the British Shorthair Cat and the European Shorthair Cat. Early immigrants arrived in the United States with cats that adapted well to the harsh climate of the northern states. This breed is the result of selectively breeding common "alley cats" with other imported breeds, such as the British Shorthair, Burmese, and Persian. In 1904, the C.F.A. registered the first American Shorthair - Buster Brown, a male smoke descended from a British Shorthair. This breed was called Domestic Shorthair until the 1960s, when the breed was officially recognized as the American Shorthair in 1966. The F.I.Fe. does not recognize the breed. The American Shorthair is rare in Europe. The breed is highly prized in Japan and very popular in the United States.

American Shorthair Cat look based on the color of his fur :

American Shorthair Cat


American Shorthair Cat Blue


American Shorthair Cat White



American Shorthair Cat Brown


Peersonality: Gentle and compliant. Smart, agile athlete. Loud purrs, but tiny meows. Extremely quiet. Natural hunter. Has a dignity all its own. Independent.


Body : Medium to large in size. Slightly longer than tall, not elongated. Broad chest, particularly in mature males. Well-developed shoulders. Medium boned and powerfully built.

Paw : Medium in length and heavily muscled. Paws are medium in size and rounded.
Tail : medium long, heavy at base, tapering to abrupt blunt end in appearance but with normal tapering final vertebrae.

Coat : short, thick, even and hard in texture. Regional and seasonal variation in coat thickness allowed. Coat dense enough to protect from moisture, cold, and superficial skin injuries.

Fault : Long, pointed, or close-set ears. Eye color not solid green in Silver Tabbies, eye color other than yellow in Brown Tabbies. Overly short, thick, long, or thin neck. Excessive cobbiness or ranginess. Overly thin or short tail. Tail carried over the back. Fine, long, silky coat. Disqualify: White lockets or buttons.

Head : Broad and rounded; medium in size. Moderately convex rise from the bridge of the nose to the forehead. Definite jowls in mature males. Square, not overly short muzzle. Medium length nose. Square, firm chin. Strong jaws.
Eyes : Large and wide with upper lid shaped like half an almond (cut lengthwise) and lower lid shaped in a fully rounded curve. At least width of one eye between eyes. Outer corners set very slightly higher than inner corners. Bright, clear and alert.
Neck : Medium in length, muscular and strong.

Character : This calm, easygoing cat adores its owner. The American Tabby is playful, athletic, and very social. This breed is made for the great outdoors, particularly since the American Tabby is an excellent hunter. However, the American Tabby can adapt to indoor living. This hardy, solidly built cat reaches puberty early (around seven or eight months of age). Care is simple. Weekly brushing is sufficient, but should increase to daily during shedding season. An American Shorthair should be bathed three to seven days prior to a show.

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